I've always loved to sing, always in the school choir, and though my mum had no idea where the desire to sing came from, (she was tone deaf) I was encouraged.

Age 10, three of us were chosen by school to audition for the Maia choir, I was accepted, and I really loved it and was with them until boys temporarily became more interesting!

Thank you Miss Jamison and the great Stockport Maia, my life time love of singing was nurtured there, and long may they continue!

Years, husband and three children later in 1983, I was wandering around Stockport market and saw a poster for The Liberty Belles barbershop chorus who were looking for singers, I was fascinated, they looked so happy, so I went along, nervous and alone, and they made sure I never left, I heard those ringing chords, the ladies were wonderful and they had me hooked!

The Belles and director Wally Saunders achieved great success, and I was soon singing lead in the quartet Montage, became British Champion in 1990 and the first Ladies quartet officially invited to perform for the Barbershop Society in the USA in1991.

I'm one of the12 founder members of the current champion chorus the Cheshire Chord Company and in 1994 founded Heartbeat chorus with my daughter Jen, best buddy Rose and her girls Lesley and Lorna and directed them for 14 years.

In 2010, the five of us created our greatest achievement, running a beginner course for prospective singers, full of enthusiasm the Affinity Show Choir was born in Hazel Grove, with 25 enthusiastic members we won our first contest at the North Wales Choral Festival at four months old, and our class at the International Eisteddfod on our first birthday!

I'm very proud to direct this amazing group of women, Affinity is a warm. Funny and incredibly talented choir who are never afraid to push the boundaries, VIVA AFFINITY. X