Affinity have come a long way in since our formation 5 years ago. Follow our timeline to join us on our journey....

June 2010: Lesley Carson takes a tiny group of ladies with varying musical experience and creates what will become Affinity Show Choir 

November 2010:  We entered our first ever competition - which was the North Wales Choral Competition held in Llandudno. It was the first year the competition had ever hosted a Barbershop/ Close Harmony Category & defying all odds we won against stiff competition. 

July 2011: At just one year old we were accepted to compete in the prestigious Llangollen International Eisteddfod. Not expecting much of ourselves we were most delighted to take first place in the Close Harmony class and go on to compete on the Choir of the World stage 

Summer 2011: We had a great day sunning ourselves at one of our more unusual performances at Altrincham Festival. Great to be performing in the heart of the community with a HGV trailer as our stage!

June 2012: Despite the changeable weather we enjoyed spending the day at Hazel Grove Carnival soaking up the great community vibe along the procession route, before delighting an appreciative audience in the Civic Hall 

November 2012: We hosted our first large showcase - Affinity: One Night Only, at the historic Stockport Plaza. Joined by various guest performers we sang up a storm, brilliant experience for all involved. 

September 2013: We had a wonderful day sharing in friendly competition with like minded musicians at the Buddulph music festival and were delighted to come away with another trophy for the ever increasing collection

October 2013: We took a huge step in our history, competing for the very first time in the Ladies Association of British Barbershop Singers convention. Against 26 choruses from across the country we were ecstatic to come 8th place! And we also had the honour of taking away the "Best Novice Chorus" trophy too!

Christmas 2013: This was a very busy time of year for us with multiple festive performances in a variety of wonderful locations, one of our favourites being on the grand staircase of the majestic Tatton Hall.

July 2014: We competed for the second time in the Llangollen International Eisteddfod. This time we competed in the Barbershop & Close Harmony category, but also in the Open Choral category. We really enjoyed this experince as the two different categories allowed us to really showcase the versatility and diversity of our chorus. 

October 2014: Following an unfortunate injury to our Musical Director Lesley Carson, we quickly had to enlist the help of Andrew Walker, to take us on stage for our second appearance at the Ladies Assoication of British Barbershop Singers convention. Improving upon our previous year we came an astonishing 5th out of 26 choruses; and as if that wasn't enough we had the honour of receiving the sheild for "Most Improved Chrous" too! 

January 2015: We started the New Year by embarking on a once in a lifetime experience - appearing on Britains Got Talent. It was a very long day of filming, interviews and 14 hours of waiting to go on stage for the judges! When the time came, we're sad to say the audition didn't go our way - some people just dont appreciate quality singing, but a wonderful bonding experience for us as a Chorus! 

February 2015: We were delighted to take a diverse package to the Manchester Choral Competition. It was a vibrant, lively competition with a great variety of particpants. We made great friends that day who we hope to share the stage with soon

February 2015: We had the honour of providing entertainment at the prestigious Forever Manchester festival at the Midland Hotel in Manchester. Learning Manchester born repertoire for the occasion we had a ball rubbing shoulders with Captain Manchester

August 2015: Release of our Affinity's debut album "'s the climb" Aswell as featuring the varied repertoire of Affinity, it also features our resident award winning quartets Tone-Acity & Halo. The album signifies a coming of age for Affinity and is a very proud moment for us.