Whenever we perform, our aim is to take our audience on a musical journey with us. Therefore it is wonderful when we get such glowing feedback.....here are just some of our favourites!

"Absolutely loved your set today, Russian Roulette was mesmerising. Fantastic performance."

"I loved you on BGT. I thought it was a really original interpretation & the harmonies were subtle and multi-layered."

"Just been catching up with BGT & wanted to wish your choir every success. I thought you came across as wonderful, talented women with heart & dignity."

"Affinity ladies you are talented, elegant, sunny spirits. I really enjoyed the small clip i've seen on ITV...handled with dignity & grace which seems your general style!"

"I think they are absolutely brilliant, and they send shivers down my spine every time I hear them."

"Went to Tatton Hall this morning with my sister to listen to the ladies sing & they were fabulous, they sang Christmas carols near the Christmas tree & it was a joy to listen to them. We had a great time, well done ladies!"

"I cannot watch this without blubbing! It's so embarrasing an old hand like me!"

"Fabulous - I had Foolish Heart in my head all weekend"

"Fabulous ladies! Well done! I'm so proud to have you as friends & family!"

"Spectacular & beautiful in every way"

"Fabulous job girls - gorgeous just like you!"

"Vocal diamonds!"

"Freaking amazing!"

"What a sound! Awesome!"