Affinity sing in a number of different musical styles but one of our favourite and most prevalent is the Four Part Harmony Style. This style relies upon four different vocal sections singing four different notes simultaneously to create a locked chord note. The brief explanation below will outline how those four sections work.


The Bass section can be likened in range to Alto 2. They sing from the E flat below middle C, to the G above middle C.

Basses have a rich mellow sound which creates the solid foundation of the four part harmony chord.


The Lead section can be likened to Soprano 2.

Whilst the majority of the time the Lead section hold the melody line, this isn’t exclusive and sometimes Leads are required to alter their singng style to become a harmony part to another sections melody.

Lead range is generally the A below middle C, to the C above middle C.


The Baritone section can be likened to Alto 1.

They sing roughly the same vocal range as the Lead section; and although they do sometimes cross over with one another, the majority of the time the Baritones sing below the Lead line.

Baritones tend to get the notes that no one else wants, though that then means they provide the spice to the chord that really makes it ring.


The Tenor section can be likened to Soprano, with their range being the G above middle C to high F on the treble clef.

The tenor section have a light, sweet and pure sound that twinkles on top of the melody line.

If you are new to singing and are unsure of where your vocal range is do not worry; should you wish to come down and try out our art form, our very experienced music team will assist you in finding your comfortable section within the chorus.


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